Biblical Essays

Help for Bible Students (Part One). Might be subtitled, "Many facts you wanted to know about the Bible, but either were afraid or didn't know whom to ask!" Largely in question and answer format, this deals with the layout of the Bible, its inspiration, how to read it, and some opening thoughts about interpretation.

Help for Bible Students (Part Two). Have you been looking for some straightforward discussion of sound principles for Bible interpretation and application? Look no further at least for now! Plain and yet solid, readable and based on years of careful study in the original languages, this paper introduces any growing and hungry Christian to reliable guidelines for reading the Bible as the Word of God. Features numerous examples, plus a discussion of the importance of understanding dispensations for sound interpretation. (Wait! Don't run away! Read honestly and you'll learn that all Christians believe in dispensations! Intrigued? Check it out.)

Does "Gay" Marriage Harm the Institution of Marriage? Brief, direct response to a common line of argument frequently heard from proponents.

To Tell the Truth, Virginia.... Very appropriate during the Christmas season! Written as an article about the meaning of Christmas, yet you will find here an academically-based yet readable treatment of the prophecy in Isaiah 7:14.

The Bible and the Bull's-Eye on the Baby. A Biblical treatment of the subject of abortion. Contains exegesis, doctrinal discussion, and practical application. Both passionate in tone, and solid in content. I believe that you will find this concise, useful, and thought-provoking. I also hope you will find it challenging.

The New Revised Standard Version: a Review. I wrote this somewhat detailed review I did of the New Revised Standard Version for a local daily newspaper. You could say I was not impressed. You'd be right! [My complete review, not the shorter version that ended up in the daily.]

Straight Talk on Tongues. A very brief summary, in list form, from my larger book, Sound Doctrine Concerning the Holy Spirit: His Person, Work, and Gifts (not yet published). Intended to present the results of some of the exegesis developed at much greater length in my book.

How to Make Your Very Own Jesus. A serious critique of the self-important pretensions of "the Jesus Seminar," in the form of a parody. Originally an article for a local daily newspaper.

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