Doctrinal/Theological Concerns


Right and Wrong column articles. These are articles of mine published in The Sacramento Bee, our local major daily newspaper. The Religion and Ethics editor poses a wide variety of both ethical and doctrinal questions, and I seek to provide Biblical answers.

Statement of Faith. This is a doctrinal statement which I authored for use in a church constitution. It is fairly comprehensive, and packed with Scriptural references. You can use it either to get a "fix" on my own position, or it is suitable for study and reference purposes.

God and Evil: a Brief Theodicy. If God is as the Bible depicts Him, how can He tolerate evil? Does not the existence of evil call into question God's existence and the truth of the Bible? This essay very briefly shows that, in fact, it is only the Bible that has a satisfactory response to the issue of evil.

The New Revised Standard Version: a Review. This is a somewhat detailed review I did of the New Revised Standard Version. You could say I was not impressed. You'd be right!

(Much more to come)

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