Various Essays

Why I Am (Still) a Christian. A full display, conversational in tone, of the claims of Christ. A defense of the faith. Meant to be read by non-Christiansp.

How to Make Your Very Own Jesus. A serious critique of the self-important pretensions of "the Jesus Seminar," in the form of a parody. Originally an article for a local daily newspaper.

Does "Gay" Marriage Harm the Institution of Marriage? Brief, direct response to a common line of argument frequently heard from proponents.

Second-Hand Values, or, Can "Conservatism" Save America?. I wrote this article for a local newspaper, briefly analyzing the rootlessness of much of what passes for "conservatism" today.

To Tell the Truth, Virginia.... An encounter with a public school teacher was the genesis for this article about the meaning of Christmas, which features contains an academically-based yet readable treatment of the prophecy in Isaiah 7:14.


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